A wonderful CD... Scott puts his own spin on such Doris Day classics as “Shakin’ the Blues Away” ... “Secret Love” ... “Que Sera, Sera,” “It’s Magic” ... “Everybody Loves a Lover” and more. This is utterly charming — there’s an essence and a respect, love and genuine musicality that is marvelous to hear.
— Liz Smith
Scott Dreier Triumphs with THE DORIS DAY PROJECT CD! Doris’s love has transcended time and has passed down from her to Scott and, now through the recording, on to us. What a treasure... Its one-of-a-kind interpretive freshness makes you hang on every word, every syllable. Dreier’s delivery and special arrangements will take your breath away.
Dreier is in top form! Beautifully sung..effortless and easy... Dreier’s own exuberant take brings a contemporary flavor to the material. There are elements of Day’s style in some of the tracks, but Dreier’s commanding vocals and sensitive exploration of the lyrics make this very much his project...
— Cabaret Scenes