What Doris's Co-Stars and Friends
are saying about
Doris and Me:

‘Doris and Me’: This is the name of the amazing musical performed by Scott Dreier! Let me be clear. This is an absolutely sensational, commanding, honest, loving, transporting performance. Don’t miss Scott Dreier in “ Doris and Me”… it’s a stupendous performance, totally entertaining, and full of the unabashed adoration of a true Doris Day fan. DON’T MISS IT–It’s that special.
— Jackie Joseph (Doris's co-star in The Doris Day Show)
I am so thrilled that I got to see this wonderful show! I have always been such a big fan of this legendary lady. Scottie has an absolutely fabulous voice—and as a long time aficionado of Miss Doris Day—he has done a magnificent job of honoring her with this sensational tribute.
— JoAnne Worley (Laugh In)
Being a bona-fide Doris Day fan, I loved how Scott brought her to life for the audience. I loved what he taught us about her and his glorious singing of some of her greatest hits. I really loved this incredible evening!
— George Chakiris (Academy Award Winner, West Side Story)
I just attended a performance by Scott Dreier called “ Doris and Me”.  He brought so much passion and energy into the room, that I felt like Doris Day was actually there.  The audience laughed, cried and was invited to sing-a -long as Scott brought us down memory lane of Doris’s brilliant career.   It reminded us all of the warm feelings we got watching those fun filled  movies Dories made and how she could portray a character we all seemed to relate with.  Treat yourself to a fun night out….. take your special someone and go enjoy some good old fashion music that touches your heart, you can relate with, you can understand the lyrics and actually want to sing to.  Scott will do the rest.   You’ll be glad you did.   PS… I was fortunate enough to work with Doris Day as her son, Andy,  in the movie “ The Thrill Of It All “ back in 1966.  Scott was kind enough to invite me and others who worked with Doris to his performance.  It was great to reconnect with past friends and share this evening with Scott and Doris’s spirit.  We all felt it.
— Brian Nash (Doris's co-star in The Thrill of It All)
Doris and Me” is an incredible night of theater. Scott Dreier’s loving tribute to Doris Day taught me a new appreciation for the woman whose son I portrayed in one of her later films—“The Ballad of Josie”. Seeing Scott’s show with my own 8 year old son was more of a Sentimental Journey than I expected. I got teary eyed several times, especially when he sang the third verse of “Que Sera” in our direction. I would highly recommend “Doris and Me” to anyone who loves a night of good theatre, classic American songs and a good old fashioned story. If you’re like me, and appreciate artists who do more with their fame than simply live well, then you may discover a deepened respect for this American Sweetheart who has devoted so much of her life to rescuing animals.
— Teddy Quinn (Doris's co-star in The Ballad of Josie)


Scott Dreier and I are both ardent Doris Day fans. Scott’s is a love affair. His show “Doris and Me” is one of the most entertaining, all-inclusive and one of a kind pieces of work seen in some time. Billed as a Sentimental Journey, he leaves no stones unturned covering all her bases filling us in on all the pieces of her life and in between, never letting us forget how much he loves her. Scott Dreier is a consummate and versatile performer, singer extraordinaire and yes, in love with Doris, Day that is.
— Examiner.com
Talented entertainer Scott Dreier has turned his fascination with Doris Day into a top-quality tribute show, sharing not only her wonderful songs with his audiences but his personal story when he had the opportunity to meet her. Dreier possesses a glorious voice—and takes the audience on a nostalgic adventure—This is a show that’s definitely not to be missed!
— North County Times
Scott Dreier hits the mark, from the get-go....He is CHARM personified! I would doubt there could be a more suave, clear voice than Scott Dreier... punctuated with the twinkle in his eyes...and charm, charm, and more charm! A musically generous and heart-warming evening.
— San Diego Theatre Reviews
Superb! ‘Doris and Me’ is a nonstop delight . . . great music, wonderful storytelling, and plenty of nostalgia ... for the charismatic Dreier, it’s a tour-de-force vehicle!
— Edge Los Angeles
Charismatic charm and a phenomenal singing voice – Dreier is BRILLIANT!
— The Tolucan Times